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The definition of deterrent, according to is “a retaliatory means of discouraging enemy attack.” While this is a military definition, it can easily be applied to mouse invasions. The most important step to not having mice is to prevent them from coming in. If you are visiting us, then it’s time for the send most important step. Prevention is the first step when dealing with mice. Deterring is the second step to take when dealing with mouse problems. The point of deterring is to get the mice to leave your home before taking drastic measures. Drastic measures include setting traps, placing poison and other forceful ways of keeping the mice away. Taking drastic measures may be unnecessary at first. Would you rather have dead mice being poisoned or sitting in your walls until you discover them a few months or years later? Or with the tips below, get rid of these mice using natural mouse deterrents or electronic mouse deterrents.

Natural Mouse Deterrent

There are several natural oils and things that you can buy online or over the counter to get mice to leave your home. These include peppermint oil, Fresh Cab and Shake Away Granules. Peppermint oil has proven to be an effective natural mouse deterrent. To apply peppermint oil, soak cotton balls in it and place it where you think the mouse will live. Another method is to make a spray bottle (1 cup water to 2 teaspoons of peppermint oil) and spray is all over the house where you think mice would live. Not only does this deter the mice, but it is safe around pets and it also makes your house smell great. Fresh cab is another alternative. It is made out of natural ingredients and approve by the EPA. It absorbs bad odors and emits good smelling orders that mice do not like. Shake Away is another similar product that is organic and repels animals. It uses the predator’s marking tool, urine, to invoke fear in the animals. If natural deterrentss aren’t your thing, then there are electronic options.

Electronic Mouse Deterrent

If Natural means aren’t working in your quest to get rid of mice, then there are methods which use ultra-sonic sounds and waves to help deter mice. Some popular brands are Victor, Pest-A-Repel, Pest Offense, and Global Instruments. These need to be plugged into electrical outlets, so the affected area needs to be in the range of an electrical outlet. Most cover square footage ranging from 1000 up to 5000 sq feet depending on how much you spend. The benefits for the electronic mouse deterrent are that it is harmless to your animals and children. Some complaints include that they do not always work on mice. They work on other small pests, including ants. The reviews haven’t been great but if you also have other pests like ants, roaches, spiders and insects these may help in repelling those too.

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